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Codrea, V.; Ratoi, G.B.; Ursachi, L.; Solomon, A.; Brânzila, M., 2013. The Pleistocene of Simila Open Pit (Scythian Platform, Romania). Studii si comunicari. Stiintele Naturii, Muzeul Olteniei Craiova, Oltenia; 29 (1): 19-29, 5 figs, 10 photographs, 1 tab, 1 Pl.

Location: Europe - Estern Europe - Romania
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Fossil

Original text on this topic:
Details - Among many other fossil remains, a Stephanorhinus hemitoechus fourth upper molar have been also found (plate 1, fig 9).
S. hemitoechus appears to be a rather rare species on Romanian territory.

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