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Anonymous, 2009. First baby rhino at Madrid Zoo. EAZA News no. 66: 5, figs. 1-2

Location: Captive - Europe
Subject: Reproduction
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The world’s third rhino conceived by artificial insemination (AI) was born at Madrid Zoo on 29 April, a great success for an extensive breeding programme that has been focusing on assisted reproduction technologies (ART). It was back in 2006 that Parques Reunidos (Madrid Zoo and Selwo in Malaga) started their ART breeding programme for rhino in order to improve the future management of the white rhino population in Parques Reunidos. The group had six individuals at the time, located in three different facilities throughout Spain and, initially, a reproductive assessment of all six animals (3.3) was conducted, following which two animals were relocated into two facilities to try natural breeding. Due to the lack of natural mating, a 12 yearold wild caught female was artificially inseminated in December 2007 with fresh sperm from a Madrid Zoo wild caught male who is over 45 years old. After 509 days of gestation a male rhino calf was safely delivered. The first-time mother rhino took care of the baby immediately and has proved an excellent mother. ART are tools that if properly used and researched could be used in future for saving some of the critically endangered rhino species. It could also benefit the Spanish population of white rhinos. Of the 26 individuals in 11 facilities throughout the country, natural breeding has occurred very rarely.

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