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Bermudez, J., 1902. This is a short account of the embassy which the patriarch D Joao Bermudez brought from the Emperor of Ethiopia, vulgarly called Preste John, to the most Christian and zealous-in-the-faith-of-Christ King of Portugal, D Joao Lisbon, 1565: pp. 122 ff.

In: Whiteway, R.S. The Portuguese expedition to Abyssinia in 1541-1543 as narrated by Castanhosa, with some contemporary letters, the short account of Bermudez, and certain extraits from Correa. London, Hakluyt Society, Works Second Series, vol. 10: pp. i-cxxxii, 1-296, 1-24

Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Ethiopia
Subject: Text as original
Species: African Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Cap. LI Kingdom of Damute = Ethiopia
There is found in this country a kind of unicorn, which is wild and timid, of the shape of a horse and the size of an ass.

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