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Hofmeyr, M., 1998. Comparison of four different radiotransmitter attachments on black rhino in Madikwe Game Reserve. Pachyderm 26: 14-24, figs. 1-6, table 1

Location: World
Subject: Morphology - Size
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
An interesting problem became apparent while collaring the rhinos. The neck size of a black rhino can change by up to 15cm depending on its posture at any one time. This needs to be taken into consideration when fitting any collar. Ideally the collar needs to be fitted snugly when the neck is at its minimum diameter. Some of the rhinos headpressed against the boma wall during the immobilisation phase when the collars where attached. When the animals headpressed the neck diameter was at its maximum, and this became apparent when the rhinos awoke and relaxed their necks, causing a tight fitting collar to become loose. The overall condition of the rhino also influences the diameter of the neck. In all cases the collars were loose with condition loss and fitted snugly after the condition improved. Based on these findings, it is questionable if fixed collars are at all ideal for rhino because of their varying neck diameter as discussed above.

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