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Ward, R.; Lydekker, R., 1912. Note on remarkable rhinoceros horn. Field, the country gentleman's magazine 119 (3082), 1912 January 20: 144, fig. 1

Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Uganda
Subject: Morphology - Size
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Horns of the holmwoodi type, which Dr Trouessart assigned to simus cottoni, are, as I have previously shown in The Field, referable to the black species. As to the Paris specimen assigned by trouessart to the female of the Lado white rhinoceros, I can say nothing definite as I do not know its history; but no horn of anything like its length is definitely known in this country as the product of simus cottoni. Indeed, the longest horn of that race recorded in Ward's Records of Big game measures 41 inches or considerably shorter than the specimen forming the subject of the present note. Whether the latter belongs to a male of female is difficult to decide, although if it pertain to the white species, it is almost certainly the front horn of a female.

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