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Daly, M., 1937. Big game hunting and adventure 1887-1936. London, MacMillan, pp. i-xi, 1-322

Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Kenya
Subject: Behaviour - Locomotion
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Watching rhino near a watering-place I found their antics very amusing and entertaining. Two would appear out in the open in the bright moonlight, a cow and a bull, and separate a few yards from each other, standing looking at one another for a few seconds, then the cow would rush off and around the bull at terrific speed, jump high all-fours off the ground, land and skid along on her throat for several feet, rise and shake herself, and take up her original position facing the bull.
It was now his turn: my word and what a turn! Round and round he went, encircling the cow, and in course of a circle lie would spin round like a top without altering his course; this he would repeat twice in each encircling round of several rounds and finish with the same high jump, landing on his throat with the whole of his great weight behind him and skid along further than the cow did, rise, shake himself and take up his position facing the cow. The cow seemed to consider the position for a while. Clearly she seemed to say, 'You have beaten me, but I'll do my best'; and off she would go again full tilt round and round, bait lost ground on the spin, and finish the same way, always the high-jump, throat-and-skid landing. This performance lasted for over an hour and before drinking.

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