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Planton, H., 1999. Rhinoceros noir du Nord Ouest de l'Afrique (Diceros bicornis longipes): le compte a rebours continue. Pachyderm 27: 86-100, figs. 1-6, photo 1-8, table 1

Location: Africa - Western Africa - Cameroon
Subject: Ecology - Population
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The natural home ranges observed usually are greater than 200 km? per animal, while many home ranges can partially overlap. In the absence of disturbances, movements seem to be more important in the dry season - fresh traces followed over distances of 30-40 km per day, than in the wet season - distances always less than 10 km. Also seasonal movements of 100 km and over have been observed. This seems to permit contact between individuals which would seem to be isolated if one would not pay attention to the entire annual cycle.

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