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Foose, T.J., 1990. A conservation strategy for rhinos. Around the Horn 1 (2): 5-6, table 1

Location: World
Subject: Conservation
Species: All Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Conservation strategy has two major components:
(a) Intensive management and protection of viable populations in the wild.
That is, concentrate field efforts, and available resources, on those wild populations that are large and/or protectable enough to be viable for the long term. This goal would translate into trying to secure enough subpopulations, normally of at least 100 rhinos each, to produce a metapopulation at least equivalent to the viable population size recommended for the species.
Collectively, for all five species of rhino, there are perhaps 30 populations and, hence, significant sanctuaries in 8 countries that could provide sufficient numbers and distribution of animals to insure viability, and that therefore should receive strategic priority for conservation action and resources. A relatively few millions of dollars per year could sustain these populations and sanctuaries.
(b) Captive propagation to reinforce wild populations.
[see Captive Management]

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