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Shave, J., 1987. Port Lympne rhino and hoofstock report. Help Newsletter, Port Lympne 9: 35

Location: Captive - Europe
Subject: Behaviour - Locomotion
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Further to our last report in Newsletter No.6. 1984, Kingo and Arusha are still the best of friends. With winter approaching we decided to take the rhino off the pasture, to enable us to prepare the paddock for next summer. During the winter months and after a heavy snowfall, Mr. Aspinall chose to let the two females and accompanying babies out into a paddock deep in untouched virgin snow. After an apprehensive five minutes the babies and mothers in turn began to enjoy themselves - the youngsters running through the snow looking like miniature snow ploughs. The summer of 1985 is going to be very important to our rhino babies as we intend to put their father, Baringo, back in with their mothers Rukwa and Naivasha.

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