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Basel Zoo; Tobler, K., 1991. International studbook for the Great Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis), sixth edition. Basel, Zoologischer Garten, pp. i-v, 1-18, i-v

Location: World
Subject: Translocation - Methods
Species: Indian Rhino

Original text on this topic:
V. Recommendations for transport between zoos of Rhinoceros unicornis . The following do's and don'ts are offered as guidelines.
1. Arrange for transports to be made during the cooler seasons!
2. Choose a crate strong enough to contain the animal. At Basel solid wood reinforced with iron is used. Horizontal air slits are left between the boards forming the sides and top of the crate.
3. The Indian rhino requires a crate made to measure. Make it just wide enough for the animal to lie down but not to turn round. In length it should also be fairly close-fitting to prevent the animal from pacing back and forth and charging with its horn.
4. It is often advocated that the animal should be accustomed to the crate by feeding it there regularly for some weeks prior to transport. Despite habituation, a tense situation will arise once the crate is shut and begins to move.
5. At Basel the rhino walks through a passage, just wide enough to admit it, towards a crate which is securely fixed et the exit. Once it has entered the passage, a door is closed behind it to prevent escape. The rhino is then coaxed into the crate which is closed by a door sliding down from the top.
6. Indian rhinos are usually given valium. Under sedation they are more tractable but tend to be less resistent to stress situations.
7. Work quietly and unhurriedly!
8. One attendant, who is trusted by the animal, will offer it reassurance and also accompany it to its destination. Do not leave the animal unattended.
9. On arrival the attendant should introduce the animal to its new quarters. He will describe to the new owners the regimen used hitherto and ask them to observe it until the animal has completely settled down.

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