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Andersen, S., 1963. Sumatran rhinoceros (Didermocerus sumatraensis) at Copenhagen Zoo. International Zoo Yearbook 3: 56-57, pl. 3

Location: Captive - Europe
Subject: Captivity - Zoo Records
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
In the summer of 1959 an expedition, organized by the Copenhagen and Basle Zoos in association with the Bogor Zoo, Indonesia, set out to try and capture three pairs of Sumatran Rhinos for the Copenhagen, Basle and Bogor Zoos. The underlying purpose of the expedition was to try and start breeding colonies in captivity of this very rare animal which appears to be in real danger of extinction. The area chosen for the search was the surroundings of the Siak River, just opposite Singapore, where the Sumatran Rhino is unprotected. The expedition was particularly anxious not to disturb the rhinos in the Indonesian nature reserves.
During the summer of 1959, ten Sumatran Rhinos were captured in the Siak river area: nine females and one male which unfortunately escaped. One of the females was sent to Bogor Zoo where it died in 1961, one went to Basle Zoo where it died in the summer of 1961 of incurable anaemia; and a third, 'Subur', was sent to the Copenhagen Zoo. The rest were released.
'Subur' was shipped first to Singapore where she was met by the Curator from the Copenhagen Zoo, Mr Arne Schiotz, who remained with her, night and day until she left for Denmark - there was a very real danger of her horn being cut off if she were left alone, since throughout the Far East rhino horn is highly valued as it is believed to have aphrodisiac properties. From Singapore, Subur and Mr Schiotz flew to London and then to Copenahgen where they arrived in the evening of 4 December 1959. We are still trying to obtain a male Sumatran rhino in order to breed from Subur, but so far we have not had any success in our search.

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