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Schaurte, W.T., 1968. Threatened species of rhinoceros in tropical S.E. Asia: pp. 284-293

In: Talbot, L.M. et al. Conservation in Tropical South East Asia. Gland, IUCN Publications: N.S. vol. 10

Location: World
Subject: Organisations
Species: All Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
List of projects of WWF. The dangerous situation which is facing virtually all of the rhinoceros species is well known at IUCN headquarters, and it has been the subject of much discussion at repeated meetings of the SSC. The urgency of the problems associated with the various rhinos has also been conveyed to the WWF, with the result that various projects have been prepared for inclusion in what is known as the Green Book. There are numbers of projects detailed in the Green Book and six are listed in Annex 4.
Although the various rhino projects have for the most part been granted an 'A' priority, because Trustees of the WWF fully appreciate the urgent need for carrying them out, it has regrettably to be reported that they have not yet made much progress. WWF has many commitments and it has so far proved most difficult to obtain those very considerable contributions necessary to fulfill them all. Many organizations have been very helpful and it should be put on record that among them the Fauna Preservation Society has been most positive and generous in its assistance: its Hon. Secretary, Mr. Fitter, has also been most helpful and interested in all problems associated with saving the rhinos.
WWF Project Book, Green Book, C. Asian series
No.11/1964 (Potentital) A study trip to Assam, Nepal, Sumatra, Borneo and Java.
No. 47/1962 C/I/9 (Full) Ecological survey of Rhinoceros unicornis in N.E. India
No. 73/1963 C/I/12 (Full) Ecological study of Dicerorhinus sumatrensis in Malaya
No. 87/1963 C/II/3 (Full) Purchase of jeep and motorboat for Chitawan NP, Nepal
No. 120/1964 C/II/4 (Full) Purchase of vehicles and equipment for Javan Rhino Conservation Program in Udjung Kulon NR
No. 145/1964 C/I/15 (Full) Ecological survey of Rhinoceros sondaicus and its habitat
No. 173/1965 C/I/18.1 Surveys of Indian Rhino, Kashmir Stag and fauna of Corbett NP, India

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