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Tun Yin, U, 1954. A note on the position of rhinoceros in the Union of Burma (1953). Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 52 (1): 83-87

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Myanmar (Burma)
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Asian Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
A rhino was shot in early 1946. The rhino was first seen in the Kauk-Kwa valley, crossed the Irawaddy river, Wilatha Hills, the Taping River and was eventually shot in the Maubin Tract by the Shans. Other accounts disclosed two facts: (1) the rhino was not a wanderer from Shwe U Daung; (2) A rhino could swim a river as wide as the Irawaddy.
U Gyi Htein Nan, Finance Minister of Kachin State, reported that a rhino had been shot in the Sadon area in 1927. This area is on the east bank of the Irawaddy and adjoins the Bhamo area.
In 1931, a rhino crossed the Uyu drainage, came within 5 miles of the railway line near Nansiaung in the Katha West Forest Division, and was shot by a Kachin.
In 1932, another rhino came over from the Uyu Drainage to the Nami and Ledan valleys, Mansi-Katha Division, during the cold weather, crossed the Indaw Banmauk road in the south and headed for the Meza chaung.
In 1936, an assistant of Messrs. The Burma Trading Company saw a rhinoceros on the left bank of the Uyu stream in Katha West forest division.
In 1936, a rhino was shot by Kachins in the Nanyin Kha Reserves, Myitkina Forest Division.
In Dec 1939, a rhino was reported in the lower Uyu valley, Katha West Forest Division. The reporter is definite that all these rhinos came from Taungthonlon, an extinct volcano north of Mansi, Katha West Forest Division. Very little is known of thsi region and its fauna.

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