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Planton, H., 1999. Rhinoceros noir du Nord Ouest de l'Afrique (Diceros bicornis longipes): le compte a rebours continue. Pachyderm 27: 86-100, figs. 1-6, photo 1-8, table 1

Location: Africa - Western Africa - Cameroon
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Alarm cries about the situation of rhinos in Cameroon have been heard during the past 20 years, both from the authorities in Cameroon and from different organizations like Coop?ration Fran?aise, WWF, IUCN, Wildlife Conservation International, Rhino & Elephant Foundation. After a formal request from the Cameroon Government in 1991, the Fond d;Aide et de Coop?ration (FAC) of France has from 1995 started some actions aimed at institutional reinforcement, developemnt of the populations around the protected areas and research/ protection for the Cameroon Ministry of Environment and Forests (MINEF). Those activities aimed at the Northern Province were initially centred around the saving of the black rhino, but at the same time some of the role-players (MINEF, WWF and the Dutch Voluntary Service SNV) regrouped under the banner of the Fund for Global Environment (Found pour l'Environment Mondial, FEM) and partially funded by that fund, several programmes on management of biodiversity were initiated. Negociations between FEM and Cameroon have gone through many difficulties, which have paralyzed up to today (June 1999) the distribution of funding from FEM. As a result, the activities of FAC have become reoriented, to the particular detriment of the rhinoceros.

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