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Blancou, L., 1954. Notes sur les mammiferes de l'Equateur Africain Francais - un rhinoceros de foret?. Mammalia 18: 358-363

Location: Africa - Western Africa - Congo-Brazzaville
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: African Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Between October 1949 and October 1953, I have heard several reports, especially from the Administrators of colonial France, Mr. Millet, Rolland and Rozan, about the existence of a rhinoceros in the equatorial rainforest, in the districts of Kell? [0.4 S, 14.30 E], Ouesso [1.37 N, 16.2 E], Dongou [2.2 N, 18.3 E], always north of the equator. This is based on reports from local inhabitants. More information came from Mr. Moirand, Ingenieur des Eaux et Forets, who lived in Ep?na [1.22 N, 17.29 E]
But on the contrary, MacLatchy and Malbrant, who have collected information from Gabon and Congo for 20 years, think that these reports are a vestige of a myth, of a unicorn in those forests. On the basis of the information received, I can make the following remarks.
1. The Africans of the northern Kell? district, especially the Pygmees, know that in the forest there lives an animal bigger than a buffalo, nearly as big as an elephant, not a hippopotamus, of which they see traces only sporadically, but they fear this animal more than any other. The sketch they made for Mr. Millet was that of a rhinoceros. However, they do not attribute a horn to the animal, while they do not say either that it doesn't have one. When Millet was in Kell? in 1950, one of the African chiefs came to tell that the animal had been seen again. That is all that is known, Millet left in 1951. The Pygmees have not been able to produce a proof of the occurrence of the animal.
2. Towards Ouesso, the locals speak about a large animal with a horn on the nose (one or more, I don't know). They also fear the animal, just like in Kell?.
3. In Ep?na, Impfondo, Dongou, the people also know a large animal, but it seems less common than in the other districts. One specimen would have been killed, 20 years ago in Dongou, but on the left bank of the Oubangui River.

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