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Brooks, M., 2000. African Rhino Specialist Group report. Pachyderm 29: 7-11

Location: World
Subject: Organisations
Species: All Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Mission statement. The African Rhino Specialist Group's mission is to promote the growth of viable populations of the various subspecies of African rhinos in the wild. The body, at least every second year, seeks to compile and synthesize information on the status and conservation of Africa's rhinos across their range, provide and improve technical information and advice on the conservation of African rhinos, promote and catylise conservation activities on behalf of African rhinos, and build capacity through the exchange of ideas, information and technical expertise among its membership.
One activity that contributes towards achieving all the above objectives is to hold well-planned and focused AfRSG meetings, if possible, every two years. Apart from encouraging information exchange between range states and members, and addressing a number of identified issues in working groups, AfRSG meetings help us compile updated rhino numbers.

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