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Banerjee, R., 1972. Where flying vultures reveal secrets - Kaziranga. Cheetal 15 (1): 48-50, figs. 1-4

Location: Asia - South Asia - India
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Indian Rhino

Original text on this topic:
A major shortcoming of the sanctuary is that domestic livestock is permitted to graze within its boundaries. In theory, domestic livestock is allowed to use only a very small part of the Sanctuary; an area of about 3 miles long and one mile deep, but in practice they use much more. A considerable threat to the rhino, and other wild animal species has therefore developed through competition for the limited available fodder, and there is a possibility that disease may spread. Another unfortunate story, is that every year the river Brahmaputra takes away a lot of land through erosion hence it is essential that measures should be taken to exclude all domestic animals from Kaziranga, so that it could become a real sanctuary.

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