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Banerjee, R., 1972. Where flying vultures reveal secrets - Kaziranga. Cheetal 15 (1): 48-50, figs. 1-4

Location: Asia - South Asia - India
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Indian Rhino

Original text on this topic:
For effective preservation, very strict anti-poaching measure must be taken before it is too late, and I suggest the following:-
(1) Most important of all, is public awareness of the problems by film Shows and propaganda; an informed public is the best safeguard for the integrity of the sanctuary.
(2) Conservation education in schools and colleges.
(3) Rifles for patrolling parties and motor boats on the Brahmaputra.
(4) Elephants for anti-poaching operations in inaccessible areas.
(5) More forest guards for patrolling specially after the rains (monsoons).
(6) Funds should be provided to improve the existing roads.
(7) Walkie-talkies for sending messages from Camp to Kohora (Headquarters).
(8) Tranquilliser guns for treating injured animals.
(9) Better patrolling facilities.

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