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The RRC database contains a total of 39860 Notes which are linked to 25992 References. Furthermore, 25966 PDF's containing copies of pages from books and journals are available.

Newest PDFs:

Sale, J.B. et al., 1980
Pilaski, J., 1990
Leshchinskiy, S.V. et al., 2022
Papas, A.M. et al., 1991
Kock, N.D. et al., 1991
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Kock, M.D. et al., 1990
Kock, M.D. et al., 1990
Choudhury, A., 2022
Vasilev, S.A., 2003
Milotte, A. & E. et al., 1956
Vereshchagin, N.K., 1967
Sheldrick, D., 1973
Biasetti, P. et al., 2022
Hawks, H. et al., 1962
Hawks, H. et al., 1962
Braun, E., 1995
Wilson, D.D. et al., 1984
Anonymous, 1749
Leydsche Courant, 1741
Matsuda, K. et al., 2014
Muhati, G.L., 2022
Handa, N. et al., 2017
Steyrer, C. et al., 2021

Rhino Literature & Articles

The RRC website provides access to an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and full texts covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros. There are no restrictions of language, time period, locality or type of publication including reports and grey literature. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Special Features:
Our Image Gallery including Contemporary Art.
Main references to the fossil rhino sites database in Excel format; more info here

Newest References:
Sale, J.B. et al., 1980. (Trial) translocation project for the Indian rhino. Tiger Paper 7 (4) Oct: 25, 1 image
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Abraham, J.O. et al., 2022. Evolutionary causes and consequences of ungulate migration. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2022: 1-13t
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