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The RRC database contains a total of 34168 Notes which are linked to 20248 References. Furthermore, 19991 PDF's containing copies of pages from books and journals are available.

Newest PDFs:

Pemberton, G.H., 1901
Barnum and Bailey, 1905
Peacock, E.H., 1932
Dyott, G.M., 1923
Dyott, G.M., 1923
MacClure, H.M., 1910
Leveson, H.A., 1875
Anonymous, 1893
Broad, S. et al., 2016
Soergel, W., 1922
Falconer, H., 1864
Meyer, L. et al., 2015
Smith, P.J., 1985
Chaigneau, M., 1982
Savare, J., 1972
Olagnier, P., 1931
Ligers, Z, 1960
Le Quellec, J.L., 1985
Huard, P. et al., 1977
Huard, P. et al., 1964
Ching-Lang Hou, 1977
Mortillet,, 1868
Somers Heidhues, M., 2005
Kraus, W., 2005

Rhino Literature & Articles

The RRC website provides access to an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and full texts covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros. The database only contains material available in the library of the RRC. All references are verified and bibliographically correct.

This bibliography excludes (with some exceptions) the following:

  • Literature on fossil rhinoceros species
  • Items in newspapers
  • Multiple editions and reprints
    (we endeavour to list the earliest edition of each work)
Try it out and do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions and comments. We need the inputs of the users to improve the usability of the interfaces.

We would like to thank H. Carpentier for supplying us with references from the Carino database.

Newest References:
Pemberton, G.H., 1901. Hunting boers and big game. Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 1901 February 16: 960
Barnum and Bailey, 1905. Some of the costliest show animals in the world. Tatler 1905 June 14
Peacock, E.H., 1932. Two of the finest animals found in Burma's forests. Field 1932 February 6: 183
Dyott, G.M., 1923. Hard to skin: the Nepal rhinoceros and his haunts. Illustrated London News 1923 September 8: 435
Dyott, G.M., 1923. After royal game in Nepal: rhinoceros-shooting. Illustrated London News 1923 September 8: 432
MacClure, H.M., 1910. Lassoing a rhinoceros: a unique feat in the annals of big-game hunting. The Graphic 1910 June 4: 809
Leveson, H.A., 1875. Sport upon the Upper Tributaries of the Limpopo, and in Makalaka Land. Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 1875 April 17, 69
Anonymous, 1893. A naturalist's treasure: a talk with F.C. Selous. Illustrated London News 1893 February 18: 215
Broad, S. et al., 2016. Synthetic biology, product substitution and the battle against illegal wildlife trade. Traffic Bulletin 28 (1): 22-28
Soergel, W., 1922. Die Jagd der Vorzeit. Jena, Gustav Fischer
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