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The RRC database contains a total of 41068 Notes which are linked to 27201 References. Furthermore, 27287 PDF's containing copies of pages from books and journals are available.

Newest PDFs:

Anonymous, 1751
Teixeira, D.M., 2022
Wildlife Justice Commission, 2022
Wildlife Justice Commission, 2017
Globescan, 2018
Anonymous, 1787
International Rhino Foundation, 2022
CITES CoP19 Secretariat, 2022
CITES CoP19 Secretariat, 2022
CITES CoP19 Secretariat, 2022
Ashraf, M. et al., 2022
Barman, R. et al., 2019
Szydlowski, M., 2022
Colle, C., 1868
Franklin, A., 1899
Monnet, J., 1909
Hegner, K., 2018
Tourneux, M., 1877
Seve, Jacques De, 1750
Aryal, N. et al., 2022
Capon, G., 1913
Dreyer, C., 2022
Crookes, D.J., 2022
Anonymous, 1751

Rhino Literature & Articles

The RRC website provides access to an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and full texts covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros. There are no restrictions of language, time period, locality or type of publication including reports and grey literature. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Special Features:
Our Image Gallery including Contemporary Art.
Main references to the fossil rhino sites database in Excel format; more info here

Newest References:
International Rhino Foundation, 2022. Rhino results at CITES CoP 19. On-line news release, 1-6 -
CITES CoP19 Secretariat, 2022. Proposals for amendment of the Appendices: Remove the existing annotation on the Appendix II listing of Eswatini’s population. Report to CITES CoP19 Prop. 3, pp. 1-11
CITES CoP19 Secretariat, 2022. Proposals for amendment of the Appendices: Transfer of the population of Ceratotherium simum simum of Namibia from Appendix I to Appendix II. Report to CITES CoP19 Prop. 2, pp. 1-10
CITES CoP19 Secretariat, 2022. Rhinoceroses: Draft decisions of the Conference of the Parties. Report to CITES CoP19 Com. II 12, pp. 1-2
Globescan, 2018. USAID research study: consumer demand for elephant, rhino and pangolin parts and products in Vietnam. New York, pp. 1-149
Wildlife Justice Commission, 2022. Rhino horn trafficking as a form of transnational organised crime 2012-2021: 2022 Global Threat Assessment. New York, WJC, pp. 1-111
Wildlife Justice Commission, 2017. Operation Phoenix (December 2017). New York, WJC, pp. 1-17
Pandolfi, L., 2022. A critical overview on Early Pleistocene Eurasian Stephanorhinus (Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae): Implications for taxonomy and paleobiogeography. Quaternary International 2022:
Ashraf, M. et al., 2022. Legacy of co-existence between rhino and people in a protected area in India. Environmental Challenges 9 (100539): 1-10 -
Mtetwa, T.K. et al., 2022. Reliability of pulse oximetry at four different attachment sites in immobilized white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum). Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia 49: 650-655 -
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