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Whipsnade 1961
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Whipsnade 1961

Author: Christopher Brack
Year: 1961
Description: Black rhinoceros in Whipsnade Park, United Kingdom. This male arrived on 14 June 1960 supplied by John Seago. This photo was taken in 1961. The animal died on 15 November 1962.
Brack writes (July 2021): " I have also
discovered the identity of the male Black Rhino that Whipsnade received from John Seago on 14.06.1960 with 1.1 other individuals , in your book you mention this female returned to Seago 12.07.1960, it must have turned out to be a male and that is presumably the reason for returning this animal to the SEAGO company, as they would have had then two males on the grounds? It was then sent to Washington D C as "TONY" '# 0046, named by John Seago after his catcher Tony Parkinson ! I did look into the 2005 International Studbook and yes they recorded its arrival in Washington D C from Whipsnade on the 27.07.1960, its all strange then when the ZSL have NO record of this individual leaving for Washington and only record "returned to Seago ". I did correspond with Tony in the
Philippines, he told me that no Rhino ever where returned to Kenya, which of course in those days would have been extremely expensive on a ship journey, that John was in 1960 away in the UK for the whole year,
that it was more than likely that he had handled this returned animal transport from his Norfolk farm address, but who accompanied the rhino on a ship to Washington ?"
Location: Captive
Subject: Captivity
Species: Black Rhino
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