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The first London rhino
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The first London rhino

Author: J. Oliver on Ludgate Hill
Year: 1684
Description: This Indian rhino arrived in London in 1684. The artist was convinced that the public were more familiar with Dürer's interpretation, but he had to remove the horn on the withers, which Dürer had fabricated. Engraving 250x338 mm.<br>Text above animal:<br>A true and lively representation of that prodigious & wonderfull creature The Rhinoceros, lately brought over from the East Indies in the yeare 1684, from the Court of the King of Gulkindall, by, Captain Henry Udall, Commander of the Herbert ship; and afterward sold in London for two thousand three hundred and twenty pounds sterling, being a most noble creature of an undaunted courrage, his body is strongly fortified in the nature of armour in so much that he is musquett proof, the like was never seen before in England. His colour like the barke of a box tree. Above all creatures they love virgins, and to them they come and sleep by them, by which means they are taken.<br>Sold by I. Oliver on Ludgate Hill over against the Old Bailey.
Location: Europe
Subject: Captivity - Before 1800
Species: Indian Rhino
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