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Ridinger-Thier-reich-2nd edition
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Ridinger-Thier-reich-2nd edition

Author: Engelbrecht and Herzberg
Year: 1824
Description: In 1824 two Augsburg art dealers and publishers; Engelbrecht and Herzberg were in possession of Ridingerís plates and reissued the Thier-reich prints under the title of Naturhistorische Originaltierwerks nach Vorlage Johann Elias Ridinger. The 127 prints were this time cut down to 19.2 x 20.8 cm and printed in black and white. The text below was reduced from three lines to one and each rhino print was numbered; 117 for the Asian and 118 for the African species. Although it was announced to also appear in a hand-colored version, no such prints are known to exist.
Location: Europe
Subject: History
Species: Indian Rhino
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Dimensions: 2462x2242 px
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