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Rhino at the Brink of Extinction 1999
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Rhino at the Brink of Extinction 1999

Author: Anna Merz (1931-2013), born Hepburn
Year: 1999
Description: Anna Merz, the British conservationist and lover of rhinos, wrte her book on the rhinos (mainly of Lewa Downs in Kenya) in 1991. It was popular and was reprinted in Nairobi in 1995. After Anna Merz moved to South Africa, she asked Kees Rookmaaker to work on a third edition. This was a difficult task because the original illustration had all been lost, and there was no computer file with the exact text. All this was restored. This third edition was issued in 1999 under Longhorn Publishers, which was registered for the purpose (but has ceased to exist afterwards). Copies can possibly still be bought through the Natural History Book Service in the UK.<br>Merz, A., 1999. Rhinos: at the brink of extinction, 3rd ed. Johannesburg, Longhorn Publishers, pp. 1-233
Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Kenya
Subject: Conservation
Species: African Rhino Species
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