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Faunthorpe 1924
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Faunthorpe 1924

Author: J.C. Faunthorpe
Year: 1924
Description: Indian rhino in the wild: "It is believed that this is the only photograph ever secured of the one-horned Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) in a wild state. These two animals lived in a patch of thorn and bush cover near the camp established by the Faunthorpe-Vernay Expedition. They might easily have been shot, but only good specimens were desired and the horn of this female was poorly developed and her calf too small. Because the members of the expedition saw her again and again during their sojourn, they came to feel for her a familiarity that was untainted by contempt. They named her Lizzie." From: Faunthorpe, J.C., 1924. Jungle life in India, Burma, and Nepal: some notes on the Faunthorpe-Vernay Expedition of 1923. Natural History 24 (2), p.174
Location: Asia - South Asia - India
Subject: Distribution
Species: Indian Rhino
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