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Currier's Noah's Ark
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Currier's Noah's Ark

Author: Nathaniel Currier (1813-1888)
Year: 1850
Description: Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier (1813-1888). Inscribed, below plate, lower left, printed: "PUBLISHED BY CURRIER & IVES"; below plate, lower center, printed: "NOAH'S ARK. / Of clean beasts, and of beasts that are not clean, and of fowls, and of everything that creepeth upon the earth. there went in two and two unto Noah into the Ark, the male and the female as God has commanded Noah. Gen. Chap. 8 & 9 v". date uncertain.
Location: World
Subject: Culture - Art
Species: Indian Rhino
File Size: 247,2 kb
Dimensions: 1024x786 px
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