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Comet Skateboard
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Comet Skateboard

Author: Comet Skateboards
Year: 2011
Description: Activist Skateboard Manufacturer Releases Radical Graphics<br><br>Ithaca, NY - April 28, 2011 - Comet Skateboards announces an entirely new graphics line and looks to skateboarders to spread a positive global message from the ground. Whereas many skateboard graphics are about flash, pop, celebrity, and tapping deeply into consumerism, Comet is stepping back and conveying a message about the global effects of consumerism.<br><br>The 2011 graphics include work by artists Kadie Salfi and Arlo Chapple. Salfi's graphics highlight the power we have as consumers by using bright colors to accent animal parts coveted by society. Salfi’s art calls into question what we value and why. Chapple employs surreal illustrations to buck the traditional commodified notions of what our imagined worlds should be. Together their work presents skateboarders with a radical ride.<br><br>For over a decade, Comet has offered a skateboard for every discipline of skateboarding thus making the brand accessible to all skateboarders. Comet has now added a half dozen new skateboard shapes to their already diverse lineup, which includes street decks, pool decks, freeride decks, longboards, cruisers, and speed boards.<br><br>Comet Skateboards builds high performance skateboards in Ithaca, NY using environmentally and socially responsible materials and practices. Comet presses each board individually using sustainably harvested maple veneer and formaldehyde-free glue. Each board is screen printed by hand using water-based inks and then clear coated with durable, water-based paint. <br><br>Comet is not simply “Made in the USA.” All materials are sourced and made regionally strengthening local economies.<br><br>Contact:<br>Bob Rossi<br><br>126 East State St<br>Ithaca, NY 14850<br>607-592-2222
Location: World
Subject: Culture
Species: All Rhino Species
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