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Camper 1787
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Camper 1787

Author: R. Vinkeles
Year: 1787
Description: Detail of broadside:<br>[Broadside] - Camper, Petrus. Rhinocerotis Africae Catagraphum. Rhinoc: Asiae Catagr: Cranium a fronte. Viro Doctissimo Expertissimo D. Jacobo van der Steege (...) Hanc Tabulam ob multa in se collata Beneficia D,D,D. Petrus Camper...(No place), Petrus Camper, 1787. One leaf. Large folio. ca. 54 x 36.5 cm., incl. margins. Large print with 4 comparative anatomical sketches of the skull of an African and an Asian rhinoceros, from the front and from aside, engraved by Reinier Vinkeles after drawings by Petrus Camper, lettered with Latin identifications. A dedication, signatures, and a text stating that the illustrations of the skulls were reduced in size: "P. Camper delineavit et Fig. ad 1/4 partem reduxit", "Rein. Vinkeles sculpsit", engraved in Latin underneath.<br>Large engraving, privately commissioned by the famous Dutch physician anatomist Petrus Camper (1722-1789), to serve as a present for the Dutch VOC physician Jacobus van der Steege (1746-1812), who had sent to him from the Dutch East-Indies, a skull of a Javan rhinoceros. The large engraving was made by the wellknown Amsterdam engraver Reinier Vinkeles (1741-1816) after drawings by Camper. Some 10 years later this print also served as the model for the plates 7 A and 7 B, depicting skulls of rhinos in the work of J.F. Blumenbach: "Abbildungen naturhistorischer Gegenstaende", published in Göttingen in 1796. Blumenbach made a note to his prints: "Nach einer köstlichen Tabula anecdota die P. Camper kurz vor seinem Tode nach seiner meisterhaften Handzeichnung auf einem einzelnen nicht ins Publicum gekommenen Blatte von Rein. Vinkeles stechen lassen". Campers original drawings for this plate are now in the University library of Amsterdam (UBA) and in Leiden (UBL), Depts. of Manuscripts. <br>L.C. Rookmaaker, Petrus Camper's study of the Javan rhinoceros (...), in: 'Bijdragen tot de Dierkunde', Vol. 52, nr. 2, pp. 125-129, & figs.1,5,6; R.P. Visser, The zoological work of Petrus Camper (1722-1789), p. 44 & fig. 5; cf. J.F. Blumenbach, 'Abbildungen naturhistorischer Gegenstaende', Göttingen,1796.
From the collection of Acanthus antiquariaat, Utrecht- NL : Description by: Iris M. van Daalen
Location: Asia - South East Asia - Indonesia - Java
Subject: Taxonomy
Species: Javan Rhino
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Dimensions: 954x907 px
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