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Black Rhino Range Map
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Black Rhino Range Map

Author: Kees Rookmaaker and Pierre-Olivier Antoine
Year: 2013
Description: New map showing the historical and current distribution of the black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis). Map produced and researched by Kees Rookmaaker and Pierre-Olivier Antoine, 2013. This map may be reproduced as long as it is credited to: (C) RRC/ L C Rookmaaker and P-O Antoine.
This map was first published in the journal Pachyderm: Rookmaaker, L.C.; Antoine, P.O., 2012. New maps representing the historical and recent distribution of the African species of rhinoceros: Diceros bicornis, Ceratotherium simum and Ceratotherium cottoni. Pachyderm 52: 91-96.
Location: Africa
Subject: Distribution
Species: Black Rhino
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Dimensions: 1895x1985 px
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