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Aldrovandi's Onager
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Aldrovandi's Onager

Author: Ulysses Aldrovandi
Year: 1616
Description: In 1595 the swiss naturalist Camerarius received a description of this strange animal from a nobleman in the imperial embassy in Constantinople that was claimed to be a true unicorn. The animal was taken as booty from Abyssinia. Camerarius sent the description to Aldrovandi saying it was part of an ongoing project to identify the true monoceros, the mythical unicorn. Neither considered it a rhinoceros, but some sort of monstrosity. Aldrovandi published the image in 1616 in his De quadropedum Solidipedibus, after which several others like Johnstonius and Kircher reproduced it. The animal caused much debate as to whether it was a kind of rhinoceros. In effect, it was probably the first image of a young two-horned rhino.
Location: Europe
Subject: History
Species: African Rhino Species
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Dimensions: 2369x1822 px
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