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Author: Tempesta, Antonio 1555-1630
Year: 1620
Description: from the series Noca raccolta degli animali (1620) by A. Tempesta. Dr. Parsons made a drawing of this print that he had seen in the collection of Martin Folks Esq., noting that it was an unlikely representation of the rhinoceros. It is included in his folio At 1.15 in the Glasgow Univ. coll. Its origin comes from the second of a three print series by Enea Vico published by Claudio Duchetti , 1581-86, entitled 'From the oldest picture of animals drawn in Rome'. Originally the Duchetti brothers inherited the prints in 1577 from their uncle, Antonio Lafreri, who working in partnership with Antonio Salamanca, compiled a large stockpile of prints of Renaissance antiquities that they published as 'Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae' (Mirror of Roman Magnificence) 1544-1572.
Location: World
Subject: History
Species: Asian Rhino Species
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Dimensions: 844x594 px
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