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Anna Merz


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Oct 26th - 08:27

Posted: Apr 6 2013, 04:43 AM
On Thursday 4 April 2013 we received the sad news that Anna Merz passed away in South Africa after a short illness. She was a great friend of us personally, a former neighbour, and an ardent supporter of everybody interested in rhinos. Her love for rhinos will be continued especially in the rhino conservation work at Lewa Conservancy in Kenya, of which she was one of the founder members. Anna will be sorely missed.

Kees Rookmaaker

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Jul 17th - 15:15

Posted: Jul 17 2013, 03:17 PM
Anna was a dear friend, who I came to know well after joining IRF. I still have a lot of her letters, which she posted regularly in her hand. One of the few people I know who took time each day to pen notes to friends and colleagues. I miss her hearty laugh and welcoming friendship. Susie Ellis

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