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Hair on ears

New User

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Oct 16th - 23:05

Posted: Jan 23 2010, 11:17 PM
Hey I take care of a black rhino that came to our zoo about two years ago with a bunch of hair on her ears. However, now it seems like a majority of the hair has fallen off. Does anyone know why that is happening? Or if it really makes a difference?

Advanced Member

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Aug 3rd - 16:50

Posted: Feb 2 2010, 10:41 PM
In my experience with our black rhinos-it seems like they get really dry skin around the edges of their ears where the hair follicles are, and it can actually fall off. Maybe that is what happened to yours? We put Eucerin lotion on the dry ears during winter months. We are also looking into nutritional supplements that will help with dry skin-trying to treat from the inside out.


Cassandra Sampson
Great Plains Zoo
Sioux Falls, SD

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