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How many types of species in rhino?


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Jun 19th - 06:22

Posted: Jun 21 2010, 05:11 AM
How many types of species in rhino?
There are two types of species in rhino: they are white and black. The white has square-lipped rhino and hooked-lipped rhino. The black rhino has three toes on each foot. Both the black and white rhino have two horns.

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Sep 11th - 21:34

Posted: Sep 12 2011, 01:58 AM
Besides the African species of rhino, black and white, there are three other extant rhino populations, all in Asia. There are the Sumatran, the Javan, and the Indian rhinos, the first two species in critical danger of extinction due to poaching and habitat encroachment.

This site (RRC) provides a great deal of information on all five species, as well as excellent photos of each group. Your further study will offer many happy surprises.

The unhappy surprises will involve a better understanding of the jeopardy in which these animals live, seemingly at the mercy of man.

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