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social interactions


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Jun 7th - 06:06

Posted: Jul 13 2007, 07:56 PM
I am looking for a current source of information on black rhino social interactions. I know historically it was believed that they are solitary animals which has since proven a little short-sighted. I have read books from Merz and Schenkel that suggest otherwise and I was hoping to find a source with more recent observations. If anyone knows a good book, or perhaps has some personal observations I'd appreciate the help. I want to focus on female/female relationships and calf dispersal to maybe improve a captive program.


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Sep 9th - 13:32

Posted: Oct 12 2008, 12:31 PM
The book by Anna Merz is hugely informative, but perhaps the social image is not entirely correct. F-F interactions in the wild seem to be more common than expected, yet the species by definition of habitat and ecology is destined to be solitary and aggressive when encountered.

I have recently participated as a volunteer in field research in Kenya. While on a night census I managed to get intimate views of shy brushwood based black rhino at the waterhole + loads of other close black rhino encounters.

Your are welcom to e-mail me.

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