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Posted by: Kees Jun 24 2012, 01:29 AM
Susie Ellis of the International Rhino Foundation reports that in the night of 22 to 23 June 2012, at 12.45am (Saturday), the Sumatran rhino Ratu delivered a healthy baby boy. Congratulations to the teams on the ground, sponsors and benefactors. A great success, and we hope many more little feet will follow. The IRF will keep us all updated on progress, watch their website.

Posted by: Kees Jun 26 2012, 01:37 AM
With the latest Sumatran rhino birth in Way Kambas, Sumatra, Indonesia, there have only been 8 rhinos of this species born in a captive or semi-captive situation:

Births to wild bred females:
1. 7 December 1872. Born in London Docks in transit. Baby died 21 Dec 1872.
2. February 1885. Born in Calcutta Docks. Together with mother to Hagenbeck in Hamburg, then sold to Barnum in USA.
4. 23 May 1987. “Minah”. Melaka Zoo. Died 16 Nov 2003.

Births to captive bred females:
3. 30 January 1889. Calcutta Zoo. Animal died in the zoo in 1913.
5. 13 September 2001. “Andalas”. Cincinnati Zoo. Transferred to Way Kambas SRS on 17 Feb 2007.
6. 30 July 2004. “Suci”. Cincinnati Zoo.
7. 29 April 2007. “Harapan”. Cincinnati Zoo. Transferred to Wild Oaks.
8. 25 June 2012. “Andatu”. Way Kambas SRS.
"Andatu" was bred by father "Andalas" and mother “Ratu” born in 2000 and present in SRS since 20 September 2005. Gestation period just under 16 months, the exact to be announced.

See also: L.C. Rookmaaker, 1998. The Rhinoceros in Captivity. Rotterdam.