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Foot pad overgrowth

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Dec 15th - 04:44

Posted: Mar 25 2010, 12:01 AM
We have a 31 year old Indian Rhino that has had chronic cracks in his outside nail on each of the front feet, and we have been keeping them filed and cleaned with iodine when we can. I have not been able to train him to lay down so that we can work on his feet regularly, so I just have to catch him when he is resting and I go in and work on his feet which is very successful but we have no control over the frequency of trims. I was able to work on his feet yesterday and as I was checking his back feet I noticed that he has a large flap of overgrown pad and I am trying to figure out if we need to trim it off or leave it. It is not a wound, and it does not smell infected, but I need advice. I am going to look into other options for his flooring, as I know that the concrete is probably what caused it. Any help you can give is appreciated. I also used to work with elephants so I do understand how to trim pads and nails, I just have never encountered anything this severely overgrown.

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