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Foot Problems


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Jul 24th - 02:10

Posted: Jul 29 2007, 02:28 AM
Hello all,

We have a female Black Rhino that is having problems with an infection and abscesses on her hind feet. We did one procedure inwhich we removed most of one toenail due to an abscess. About 3 weeks later a toenail fell off on its own on the other hind foot. I know Indian rhinos have problems with foot problems and was wondering if perhaps we may have some similarities. Thanks in advance.


Mark Marquardt
Potter Park Zoo
Lansing, Michigan

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May 28th - 15:15

Posted: Jul 30 2007, 04:05 PM
I actually do not work with Greater One Horned Rhinos but I think (and if anyone out there works with GOHR please correct me if I am wrong) that their feet issues are related to a combination of substrate, access to deep water, and the way their foot grows (specifically their nail). Indian rhinos walk on their nails and if the substrate is too hard and/or coarse then the tendency is for the nail to be worn down resulting in an irregular growth pattern. Generally the problem occurs on the bottom of the foot where the nail meets the pad. GOHR also spend quite a bit of time throughout the day in deep pools taking their weight off their feet which is important for a healthy foot. From what I understand it is the combination of substrate and access to water that keeps a healthy foot, not one or the other.

I know that does not answer your question, but does give you an idea of what the issues are with the Greater One Horned Rhino.

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