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Rhino Census in Kruger Park RSA

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Oct 15th - 16:46

Posted: Oct 15 2011, 05:15 PM
The 2011 YTD figure for poached rhino in RSA at 16th October stands at some 330. Despite this alarming number, the RSA government is considering legalizing trade in rhino horn....they are basing a lot of their reasoning on an estimation of there being 12000 rhino in Sanparks reserves, including Kruger. This number has been arrived at by way of a biased and controlled Strip Transect census method. Concerned and well informed sources put their estimation at some 4000 - 5000. It is imperative that the RSA government be pressured into conducting an accurate, un-biased census of rhino in Sanparks reserves, Kruger in particular. The results of the census can then be used to fight for an immediate moratorium on any hunting of the species, at least until the goverment has implemented strict control over the issuing of permits, a system which is currently subject to fraud and corruption. This data is urgently needed in order to preserve this severely threatened species. SPOTS - Strategic Protection Of Threatened Species, is spear heading a drive to have this census performed.

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